What Is NFT Pass?

NFT Pass is changing the way we use NFTs by providing a solution for ticketing events and travel.

NFTs or Non-Fungible Tokens are currently used for Digital Art, there is also development in the way of games on the blockchain, whether special items or characters in game.

Tokenisation Of Passes

NFTs are unique tokens and because of this they provide the perfect solution to access passes for events and travel.

Fraud and Ticket Duplication is a huge problem in the entertainment and sports industries and an NFT Pass can replace the current system creating immutable ownership & verifiable re-sale for attendees using the Cardano Blockchain.

Enhancing User Experiences

The inherent programmability of NFTs unlock whole new way for users and businesses to interact with each other creating unique and expanded experiences for attendees.

The programmability of NFT metadata creates the opportunity to change how we see tickets, changing them from throwaway stubs or pdf QR codes to unique images, videos and even AR/VR experiences.

Tickets then become memorabilia of an event themselves, rather than essentially a receipt.

There are many ways NFT Passes can be used to enhance the experience of an attendee to an event, and the type of pass will determine the options available to any business.

  • Memorabilia / art / video
  • Access to VIP areas / Members lounge
  • Distribution of bonuses
  • Event lottery
  • And much more

Why NFTPass?

The idea of NFT Tickets and Passes is not new, but it is difficult to implement on the blockchain because of costs for creating and transacting of NFTs.

Cardano has a unique method of managing Tokens and on-chain data and this enables NFT Pass to implement a simple and elegant solution to tackle the difficulties of utilising an NFT solution for businesses.

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