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Immutable - Verifiable - Secure

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NFT Pass is an NFT Ticketing solution that provides immutable proof of ownership of a ticket for an event, travel, or business pass.

Our unique utilisation of the Cardano Ecosystem enables us to extend the experience of the attendee of an event, beyond just attending.

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Immersive Interactive Engaging Live Events

Updatable NFTs

Our smart contracts enable companies to update and change the NFTs on the fly.

This enables ticket verification, image/video updates, and dynamic access changes, including VIP upgrades.

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Extended Experiences

Utilizing NFTs, we extend event experiences beyond the venue and night, offering bonuses like random prize draws, token-gated access to exclusive media, and more.

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Event Tracking

NFT Passes provide rich attendee data, aiding event organizers in understanding event flow.

We can generate event heatmaps, check-ins & more, providing real-time data and feedback on attendee interactions.

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NFT Pass enables diverse event gamification, from scavenger hunts to raffles, effortlessly managed, tracked, and measured at both macro and ticket levels.

This simplifies event organization, fostering rich, immersive experiences.

An arcade with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and other arcade games.

Stay Tuned

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